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Shunsai Ogo


Shunsai Ogo



After working as a chef at a hotel and Japanese restaurant, in 2009 I opened a restaurant with authentic Japanese cuisine at Kagoshima Tenmonkan.

For cooking, we strive to keep the eaters tired by making traditional techniques and ingenuity.

Japanese kaiseki restaurant

Kaiseki cuisine is a course-style meal offered at banquets and dinner parties.

"Shunsai Ogo" is located in front of the kyuushiei parking lot, a 3-minute walk from Shiritu Hospital Station.It is located in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the bar area.It is a place where you can spend a satisfying time with delicious food, detailed service and warm customer service.

It is highly supported not only by noisy foodies but also by women who are strict about checking services such as customer service.

It can be used for entertaining important people and celebrating important anniversaries.



"Shunsai Ogo" has 4 private rooms, which are often used for entertaining as well as family celebrations.In addition to the "hori-gotatsu," private rooms are also available with table seats. It is a completely Japanese-style room.

All rooms can smoke, but each room is equipped with an air purifier.

There is smoking space, and consideration to ruests as well as the side which is attend to are felt.

By making the flowers in the store artificial, we are considering customers with hay fever.We are creating a space where every customer can feel comfortable.

Private rooms for 6 to 8 people can connect all 3 rooms.

Up to 22 people can be used.

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