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Hospitality Kaiseki cuisine 

(The photo is an example. Contents vary depending on stocking and time. All tax excluded.)

Shunsai "Ogo" is a Japanese restaurant that is often used as a place to entertain important people and as a place to celebrate important anniversaries.We will serve you with course meals that can be finished with an outstanding balance.

It's a seasonal dish that adds liveliness to conversation.Please taste each of the ingredients while feeling the season.


Enjoy the sushi that the master holds in a private room while feeling the changing seasons.

(* Contents vary depending on the season and stocking. Please note.)

(Right front)

Sushi is 6 pieces + narrow roll and back roll.

Sushi that changes depending on stocking

To enjoy.

On this day, red prawns, saury, two types of sea bream (pine skin and roast), roasted salmon, etc.


(Front left) Appetizer

On the left is a dish with shrimp and roe.A mellow flavor with a texture that can be played.In the center is Gameni, which has sweetness and dashi stock.Soybeans and mushrooms are hidden in the cream cheese on the far right.


(Back left)

Boiled miso.Rice butter porridge is gently below it.


(Back right)

Freshly fried spring rolls can be served as is, without attaching anything



Fried black pig cartilage Fish ball preparation


Hospitality Kaiseki cuisine




Appetizer(Bottom left)

Served with cream cheese tofu and raw sea urchin

Appetizer(Central platter)

Fragrant butter of turban shell・Squid Gunkan Sushi・

Sea cucumber jellyfish sprinkled with komatsuna・Cod roe・Kelp and rapeseed rolls・Shrimp・pea shinjo

Sashimi(Lower right)

 flatfish ・Tuna・squid・Prawn

Osuimono(Osuimono” is a Japanese style soup)(Rightmost)

Sakura Yuba・Shiitake mushroom・bambooshoot・green laver


Asparagus roll of red sea bream・Lotus root・Radish・Sprout・salmon roe

Roast(Top left)

Habutae grilled seafood

Rice(Top left)

Crab porridge・laver

Dessert(Top right)

Cherry Blossoms ice・Strawberry

(Tax not included)

chef's choice dinner 8,000yen〜(Tax not included)


Winter only

"Fugu course" of Shunsai Ogo 11,000yen〜(Tax not included)

Course content:Appetizer・sashimi・fried chicken・Chili pot・porridge of rice

* Fine liquor is ordered separately.

* Please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance.

*We accept from two people.


Japanese cuisine is not the only attraction of "Shunsai Ogo".We have a wide selection of specialty shochu from Kagoshima Prefecture, such as "Murao, Moriizo, Kurosato, Manzen".

(Murao:180ml1,000yen(Tax not included)、Bottle 5,000yen〜(Tax not included))

There is a high possibility that you will encounter shochu that is difficult to obtain.You can also prepare sake and wine if you tell us your preferences in advance.Shochu 180ml 700yen〜,Bottle3,000yen〜(Tax not included)

All you can drink plan

1,500yen (Tax not included)

A glass of draft beer・Soft drink・shochu highball・shochu

2,000yen(Tax not included)

2 glasses of draft beer・Soft drink・shochu highball・shochu (You can choose your favorite shochu from the menu.)

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